My Thoughts as Miss Singapore Supranational 2020/21

Event Photographer Turned Pageant Queen — Shifting from behind the lens to in front of one

We Are Never Enough, Until We Feel We Are

What I learnt: Everyone has their own insecurities — being a queen is about how well you own them. Smiling at myself in the mirror (with teeth, of course) became a daily routine for me. Every girl on stage, as beautiful as they look, still feel like they are full of imperfections — then again, that makes us the unique people each of us are.

Create Your Own Definition of Beauty

What I Learnt: People remember how you make them feel — whether you interact with them on a persona level, or they came across something you said or wrote. So — think different, speak well, stay healthy and be kind. Create timeless beauty defined on your own terms.

Look Good, Feel Good

What I Learnt: Looking physically more put-together helps your mental state too — incorporating the healthier routines helped me perform better at work and boosted my mood too. As much as people say otherwise, aesthetics and looks do matter (whether it is for yourself or for others).

Next Up: Poland

Thanks for Reading! | googler. founder @thegulliverapp. product owner. photographer. creative consultant. pasta fanatic & occasional nerd.

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