How Successful People Achieve Emotionally Agility & Consistency

Consistency is the gold standard of a good life because it means you’re unstoppable: you will show up

Photo by Adrian Swancar from Unsplash

Why Be Emotionally Consistent?

The prevailing wisdom says that we should be emotionally consistent — not by denying our emotions, but rather by using our attention, our most important asset, to cultivate this essential capacity for inner consistency.

How Can We Develop Emotional Agility?

1. Identify the trigger of our emotions — more often than not, the underlying cause is failure or rejection, and how these experiences make us feel.

The closer the matter is to our heart, the more likely it is for our emotions to fluctuate when things turn awry. Being able to understand this and keep your cool allows you to stay rational and make logical judgments even if you are under tremendous pressure.

2. Being introspective, recognizing and accepting our patterns

If we know the fear of failure is something that is likely to create anxiety which can lead to unplanned emotional outbursts, we should first understand that it is completely normal to feel that way. Acceptance is the opposite of control, and being able to embrace these feelings is the first step to managing them well.

3. Label our thoughts and emotions

Humans are psychologically able to adopt a helicopter view of personal experiences, aka. analyzing the situation they are in and how they feel from a thirds-person’s POV, which can improve behavior and well-being.

4. Build habits & act on our values

Ensure our actions are in line with our values and habits. These are the things that form the foundation of our emotional stability. Being self-aware and conscious of our thoughts and emotions allows us to respond to situations in the most optimal way. | @knottedbrains | googler | product owner. photographer. brand & marketing strategist. designer. pasta fanatic & occasional nerd.

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