A controversial take on headspace management to fast track your growth

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Thrilled to be a part of this series, Our Imposter Stories!

The root cause of imposter syndrome is an impaired sense of self-esteem, which is something people do not like talking about publicly.

I sporadically feel the effects of the imposter syndrome, but have decided to use it as a source of motivation to propel me forward. During the last couple of months at Google, I’ve led projects across 4 different organizations — Google Shopping, Crowdsource, Cloud and Youtube, while working on Gulliver on the weekends.

I’m incredibly thankful for the people who’s enabled me to take on such exciting…

How do your friends introduce you to someone new? The running theme in my life is probably that I lack me-time.

Over the years, people have gone from introducing me as their “church friend” or “classmate”, to “Photographer”, “Googler”, “Founder of Gulliver” and “Miss Singapore”.

While none of these solely define you as a person, they contribute to your identity. You will start to notice that people start to introduce you to others using the persona that stands out the most to them. It made me wonder whether I was doing too much, or whether I wanted some of these labels at all. (I much rather identify as a pasta fanatic)

The running theme in my life is probably that I lack me-time.

This article has been sitting in my folders for the…

Event Photographer Turned Pageant Queen — Shifting from behind the lens to in front of one

I was the photographer for the Miss Singapore 2018 Pageant. I remember a couple of people at the gala dinner asking me why I wasn’t getting ready for the show, mistaking me as one of the contestants.

I laughed — the girls were in swimwear and 6 inch heels, I was in a tee, jeans and sneakers. I never thought I was model material — I’ve always been more comfortable behind the camera rather than in front of one anyway.

Here’s one of the shots I took back then:

A personal & blunt take on how loneliness is a function of our self-worth, relationships expire & the depth of our lives is a choice.

I’ve been contemplating on whether I should publish this piece for a while now since it is rather personal to a certain extent, but I figured that there’s no harm in sharing if it can help someone else who may be struggling with the same things as I. Life isn’t always sunshines and rainbows anyway.

My friends never fail to remind me how much of an inspiration I am to them, but they fail to realize that I am only human as well. I live, laugh, love, and lose just as much as they.

So for what it’s worth, here…

Consistency is the gold standard of a good life because it means you’re unstoppable: you will show up

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Human beings speak about 16,000 words a day on average. Just imagine how many unspoken ones run through our minds. The large majority of them are not facts, but judgments entwined with emotions.

All healthy human beings have an inner trajectory of thoughts and feelings that include criticism, doubt, and fear. That’s simply our minds doing what they were designed to do: anticipating and solving problems, and avoiding potential challenges or failures.

Why Be Emotionally Consistent?

The prevailing wisdom says that we should be emotionally consistent — not by denying our emotions, but rather by using our attention, our most important asset, to cultivate…

When you’re at your wit’s end because you have too many solutions to a problem

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What is Analysis Paralysis?

Analysis paralysis refers to a situation in which an individual or group is unable to move forward with a decision as a result of overanalyzing data or overthinking a problem. This can occur when you overthink your choices to the point you feel paralyzed and can’t make a decision. This is common amongst investors when they are executing a trade, consumers when they have too many products to choose from, fresh grads trying to figure out which career pathway or opportunity to pursue, and even entrepreneurs who are figuring out what is their next step to move the needle.


Leadership Principles, Lessons & What The Future of Mankind Holds from the CEO of Microsoft

Photo by Telugu Bullet

“We’re making great progress, but we should never be done. It’s not a program with a start and end date. It’s a way of being. Frankly, I am wired that way. When I learn about a shortcoming, it’s a thrilling moment. The person who points it out has given me the gift of insight. It’s about questioning ourselves each day: Where are all the places today that I had a fixed mindset? Where did I have a growth mindset?” — Satya Nadella

Took me a little over a day to power through this book — A solid read on Satya…

From A Founder To All Her Supporters & Customers — The Backstory of Her Travel Startup

4th & current iteration of Gulliver, September 2020

Actually — it has been more than two years since this idea was conceptualized in my head. I got rejected from Techstar’s Accelerator Program in Boston today, and felt it would be a good time to document and share this journey as well as what to expect from us with everyone — customers, friends, family and strangers included.

At this point, I have revised my deck over 50 times, applied, interviewed, and pitched at over 20 accelerators/grants/competitions. While I am grateful to say we managed to snag a couple of awards and prizes, $60k in equity-free grants, free incubation at…

However, if you find enough value in it, plow through the challenges to extend its shelf life.

Photo by Fredy Jacob, from Unsplash

I feel like all people have an expiry date, not all relationships last forever — and that’s okay.

There will be the honeymoon period, regardless of what kind of relationship is. During this period, you don’t know each other too well and get excited by the freshness of a possibly exciting relationship. Over time, you either accept the tiny quirks about the person or slowly realize they are perhaps not the person you want to spend your (finite) time with.

This loop may occur infinitely within a lifetime when you meet new friends, co-workers, or lovers — crossing paths with…

Understanding How Our Brain Works & Maximising Its Potential

Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

I had a little bit of spare time the past week and decided to take up this course on learning how to learn. I have been struggling a little with the other courses I was taking, and decided to do this first in hope of accelerating my progress for the rest of them.

While many of the concepts covered were not completely new, I did pick up a useful thing or two which has helped me grasp concepts more effectively. I decided to do a TLDR on the overview of how we learn (if you don’t have 8 hours to…

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