My Year 2021 — Failing Upwards, Anti-productive Mindsets, Stability Sources, Nomadic Living & More.

A controversial take on headspace management to fast track your growth

Photo by Ihula Zavaley from Unsplash

How do your friends introduce you to someone new? The running theme in my life is probably that I lack me-time.

Event Photographer Turned Pageant Queen — Shifting from behind the lens to in front of one

A personal & blunt take on how loneliness is a function of our self-worth, relationships expire & the depth of our lives is a choice.

Consistency is the gold standard of a good life because it means you’re unstoppable: you will show up

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When you’re at your wit’s end because you have too many solutions to a problem

Photo: Noah Buscher/Unsplash

What is Analysis Paralysis?

Leadership Principles, Lessons & What The Future of Mankind Holds from the CEO of Microsoft

Photo by Telugu Bullet

However, if you find enough value in it, plow through the challenges to extend its shelf life.

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Rachael Annabelle | googler. founder photographer. creative consultant. pasta fanatic & occasional nerd.

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